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New Strategies for Saving Your Company Thousands of Dollars on Employee Benefits While Permanently Controlling Plan Costs!

Many companies are scrambling to keep escalating costs in check, especially in light of the current economic climate.  Executives & HR managers are painfully aware of the imminent need to reign in costs to stay competitive, avoid layoffs & remain solvent.

Cost effective alternatives to traditional Group Insurance & Group RRSP’s, can be successfully utilized by a company of any size.  TriDelta Financial has access to virtually all Group Insurance and alternative solutions providers in Canada.

Employee Benefit Plans


Employee Benefit Plans can be a huge drain on corporate operations.  What many companies aren’t aware of is that there are now powerful & beneficial plans that can be implemented in place of, or in some cases in conjunction with, traditional group insurance coverage. These plans empower each organization to control costs without compromising benefits coverage.  These solutions will help to ensure that companies will still be able to remain competitive by extending employee custom essay benefits to attract & keep valuable employees & management.

The days of exorbitant annual group rate increases, even with reasonable claims experience, will be gone.  Annually escalating premiums, as the result of rising costs & poor claims experience of organizations that are in a pooled class with your company, will be a thing of the past as well. With major employee changes, layoffs & attrition taking place in many organizations, reviewing & analyzing existing benefit plans & the costs associated with them is becoming a high priority.

Traditionally, many employees never get value out of group plans because the standardized coverage’s & benefits tend to help a smaller percentage of employees in an organization. These alternative plans are usually very welcomed by employees.  They provide much greater flexibility & customization of benefits, driven by each employee.  Every benefit dollar used by each employee will be directed towards their own needs.

With the powerful impact of these new alternatives, employee benefit plans are being saved as a result of greater control over expenses.  Employees are happy because much needed benefits are less likely to go the way of the dinosaur.

Group RRSP Plans


Establishing group RRSP plans for organizations, large & small, is much more simple & efficient than ever before.   We can often effectively bring down management fees on existing group RRSP’s & Pension plans.  There can still be the same access to the markets that an employee would have setting up an RRSP personally.  Employee/Employer contributions can be automated from the start and can be adjusted at any time.  There is now a great deal of flexibility built in to these plans.

If you are in a position to make changes to a group plan, or you have influence over someone who can, we would be more than happy to speak with you or anyone that you direct us to.    We would look at the organization and the current plan. Then provide analysis, education, and recommend any positive changes.