My Philosophy

I believe that one can not know what to invest their money in, or what type of insurance they need, or what mortgage option is best for them, or how much they need to save for any financial goal without having a proper financial plan prepared! So many people pluck numbers out of the air and so many advisors sell the easiest products or the product that pays them the most. Most clients I work with in preparing a financial plan have the wrong investments, or insurance, or mortgage, or all three!

My question is always this:

How can I know what to recommend to you, if I don’t first understand your financial situation?

My biggest pet peeve is when ‘advisors’ (i.e. salesman) don’t fully take the time to understand their clients needs and sell them a product that the advisor knows or is able (licensed) to sell. Rather than researching the entire market to find the solution that is right for the client.

I believe that by starting with a comprehensive financial plan and learning what my clients truly need, I can go out to the entire market to find the solutions that are a perfect match.

We truly appreciate Frank’s expertise in assessing our financial situation and providing us with options and strategies to improve the management of our finances for our retirement. He is personable and quickly puts one at ease. His expertise in the many facets of financial planning has provided us with piece of mind. We highly recommend his services.
Wayne and Julia Mountford

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