Employee Education

Study after study demonstrates that employee’s who are financially distressed cost businesses money, profitability, and can slow down a business growth.

Survey results have also demonstrated that employee’s who are provided with a financial wellness program have increased productivity, lower absenteeism, lower health care costs, and greater organizational commitment and moral.

Employers should look at a financial wellness program as an investment rather than a cost. The return on investment (ROI) for employers who offer employees easy access to quality financial programs is a least 3:1 and that doesn’t include the value of the increased goodwill that is bought in providing such a program.

The bottom line is that the return on a wellness program investment is nearly always positive. And even when an investment of $1 yields a meager return of just $1 – that means that the benefit is essentially FREE!

I develop, deliver, and implement comprehensive, customized financial wellness programs for businesses from 3 to 30,000. In considering investing in a financial wellness program, we will:

  • walk you through what is involved in creating your program,
  • help you determine the potential ROI for your business,
  • show you how to integrate it with your existing benefits,
  • and explain the best way to communicate your plan to ensure acceptance and success.

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Frank is asked to present to the federal governments task force on financial literacy about employee education.

On May 11, 2010, I was asked to present to the Task Force on Financial Literacy to discuss the value of educating employers on the value of educating employees on financial literacy. Among others ask to present were the heads of Visa Canada, Canadian Bankers Association, Investments Funds Institute, Financial Planners Standards Council, Investors Education Fund, the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, the United Way, and the Ontario Federation of Labour.

If you would like a copy of the proposal sent to the task force entitled “Educating Employers on the Value of Educating Employees on Financial Literacy” please click here.

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Frank presenting to the task force