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4 Ways To Save Up To 40% Off Your Grocery Bill!: Budgeting 101

1) Make a Grocery List and Save 10% – Like this one: groceries list

By going into a grocery store and just walking around randomly picking out items that look good will end up costing you a lot of money. By making a grocery list that is derived from a meal plan will not only save you at least 10% at the register but likely even more as you will throw away less food. You can probably save yourself 20 – 30 minutes as well.

2) Make a Meal Plan Based On What Is On Sale That Week! Save At Least 10%

When you are sitting down to make your grocery list, take the weekly flyer’s or go to websites such as to see what is on sale. From that make a meal plan based on the sale items.

3) Avoid The Fancy Grocery Stores. Save 10%

By shopping at places like No Frills and Food Basics and avoiding the Longos, Sobeys, and big Loblaws; you can cut the cost of groceries by at least 10%. The cost making the store fancy and nice has to be recovered through the price of the groceries.

4) Shop At Your Local Fruit and Vegetable Stand. Save 10%

You will typically find that the produce at these small local venders is fresher as this is all they sell and they have huge inventory turnover. They usually have specials where if you buy multiples of something it is cheaper. There prices on most things are at least 10% cheaper and the money you spend stays within your community, not big corporate shareholders!

Bonus: Do You Ever Have Pizza Night?

Typically when you order in pizza for a family of four it will cost $30 or more! Check out your flyers for the frozen pizza’s! These have come a long way and many of them are very good. They always go on sale and you should be able to feed a family of four for $10 or less!

Extra Bonus: Starting eating up what you have in the house!

If you are like many, you have a pantry full of food. I would think a conservative estimate would be between $200 and $300 worth of groceries! So for the next 10 to 15 weeks eat around your pantry and save yourself an addditional $15 per week in groceries!

Have you come up with some great ideas to save you money on your groceries? Please let me know! Thanks

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